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#84042 - Carl took his time under the needle like jets of hot water, letting the warmth relax his tired aching muscles, his thoughts, however, were still on Quin and her magnificent body! A lot of guys would be turned off by a woman with such a large muscle development, but for some reason Carl was really turned on by her over sized dimensions! As the water cascaded over his body, his penis was becoming erect just thinking about Quin's body and he quickly grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist and headed back to his locker, where he dressed and then headed off to his car. Escape, even if he wanted to would have been totally futile, but ff course he didn't wish to escape, in fact just the opposite was true, he wanted this Amazonian goddess to take and dominate him the way a man would take a delicate female! The feeling of strength and power she had over him made his penis stiffen like a piece of oak hard wood! Everything about her was hard and strong, that is except for her

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