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#73170 - Now bitch, my and your dad have decided on your punishment, and i got good news, bad news and even worse news, first the good, you will no longer have to sleep with our friends again, the bad news is you will never see your friends again, and if u do it will be cos they will be here with your getting the treatment your have had many times, and the rearly bad news is this, your are now my bitch, do you understand me, you will do what i say when i say it or i will beat you sensless, needless to say Emma was speechless, even more so when she felt a rubber cock getting pushed up her virgin ass, lesson one slut slave, losing your anal virginitty. Well sexy, i hear you have been made an offical slave slut, and that you have been dissobiedient, this was true, as of late Emma had been thinking what the hell fight back, she knew it would not help her now but she was determined to put up a good try, and i suppose you could not wait to get you slimy disgusting hands on me you sick sa

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Ryoji mochizuki
Anyone else pissed that the vid ended right before he came
Alicia melchiott
Wow you are so sexy
Eru chitanda
This is nice made me turned on