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#294112 - but that did not mean we could not do it again Josh became my first secret boyfriend and we had a very sexual relationship . we eventually parted he asked me how my first guy guy kiss was i said it was better than kissing a girl he then started to undress me when i was naked with a rock hard cock i stared to undress him i saw that he was wearing a thong i said wow that is so cool can i try that on he said i could so i took it off and putt it on it felt good having a piece of material between my ass cheecks cutting itomy ass every time i pulled the up i asked if i could have some of his thongs he said yes so he ran to his hous (he lived down the road) when he got back he gave me five pairs of thongs i said thanks and lets get back to beeing gay so i put the thaong on again and so did he.

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Otoko hotaruzuka
Because i told her to keep them on
Mmmm i love the way you ride in doggie style perfect wishing i was that toy
Kaoru watabe
Damn so jealous of that cock getting to have that tongue play with it and those amazing eyes