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#10761 - Throughout that class I she was introduced to us as Marisa and she had just transferred from a high school not to far from us, her eyes were deep blue and she had to be a model, her cheekbones made the structure of her face sharp and beautiful, but to me she looked like she was mean, another hot chick who knew she was hot, from sitting behind her after the first couple of days from the conversations I'd overheard she wasn't obnoxious, or bitchy. I paused in shock of just how sexy she was, unhappy with that she almost angrily pushed my mouth onto her tight lower lips which I began to eat, my tongue trying to make its way deeper inside of her, I couldn't stand it anymore my dick was so hard, I unzipped my pants and began to jack off, she looked at my dick freshly shaven from the night before and pushed me off of her, still tasting her juices and sweat she kissed me and fondled my balls, even though my hard dick wanted the attention. She lowered herself sliding her tongue

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Osomatsu matsuno
This shit is so dumb
Shizuru nakatsu
Indeed i meant no disrespect