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#159276 - at first i thought it was the dog, but i discovered it was my sister and brittany, so i went to their door and just listened. Brittany: Sam, you should really tell Brandon how you feel, maybe he likes you in the same way Sam: Brittany you know i cant do that, hes always with his friends and i don't even know if he thinks i am cute or not Brittany: well that's what you should find out girl Sam: lets just drop it for not okay Brittany? that is usually the only conversations i hear between Brittany and my sister, but something really awsome happened that made me really want to fuck Brittany. Brittany: please Chris i really want you to be the one i lose my virginity to there's the million doller statement, she was still a virgin, i wanted to fuck her but i have never actually fucked a girl who was a virgin so i was kind of worried, i have been around the block a few times though so i knew what i was doing Chris: yes i wou

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