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#304617 - Shane was going crazy, trying to hump my leg , i turned over and offered my ass to him, he got himself in position and staarted fucking me, i could feel his cum spurt into me and dripping from my hole. shane got up and came over to me and started licking my arse and balls, being rimmed by my dog wow this was amazing, i let go of my position and lay down flat to let him lick my precum from my dick, as he did so, i put my hand on his stiff pink cock, and started wanking him. I was about to get more into it, when i heard the wife call out to me, What you doing down there drinking the tap dry, there was punn there somewhere.

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Reita toritsuka
Upvote if u like that ass
Maho kazami
Another great hentai of this amazing couple guys you are so great i enjoy your hentais so much and you make me so ha rd ppy every time
Lisa pacifist
She has such a pretty and fuckable face