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#229496 - I get back to my place and Toni is watching the video of us all fucking in the bedroom we had the camera set up in the closet so we could tape I forgot all about it ,so hot Toni was so horny she rips my pants to get at my cock does not even wait till I get them off and pulls me down to fuck her we fuck like crazy watching our earlier activities and both come together Toni just falls asleep with me still in her I still have most of my clothes on what is left of them anyway and decide to just go to sleep too. We all relaxed a bit afterwards had another drink and went up to the bedroom . Her name was Vera we have known her since I met Toni had been friends with her for a long time she was very horny by the stories they exchanged and the way she always flirted with men when she was around she was known as fresh always hitting on the men regardless if he was attached to one of her friend or not so Toni thought it would be good to try to test her see how far she would go.

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