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#117302 - That next morning was Friday morning, I told mom that Thursday morning next week we were off for prep day, and she checked her calendar saying hum, you’re right, what is prep day? I said it’s so the teachers can get all their crap together for graduation and all, so they have to work it but we get it off, she says strange they don’t let it be on a Friday, I said you’re tell me, we all said the same thing but they wanted Friday so that’s that. Nicole is smiling like a Cheshire cat saying ok, ok, go on and she rolls off me laying there on the floor. She feels my cock pressing against her leg, she looks down and moans, she tries to get up and leave but when she moves I think she’s falling again and grip tighter and that’s when she busts out with let me go, you’re hurting me and I do and she falls on her ass on the floor and she starts screaming at me that I did that on purpose how dare I let her fall.

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