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#74020 - I expected her to mount me and ride my cock as I lay tied to the bed but Shelly had other ideas. By the time we got home Shelly was very drunk, so drunk in fact that she flaked out on the sofa, after having a hard on for most of the night I felt a little disappointed and decided to lift her dress to reveal her juicy pussy so I could look at it as I jerked off. It took about three minutes for her first orgasm to hit her and it was a strong one, her body shuddered from top to toe and her juices flowed down her legs.

Read Small Sennou Choukyou no Puppet - Steinsgate Mulher Sennou Choukyou no Puppet

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What turns me on the most she looks like chloe decker from lucifer
Kevin levin
Your body is sheer perfection
Such a waste of good pussy