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#308494 - So I would very much enjoy seeing her become totally and sinfully naked, “Au Natural” if you please! Especially for her to do so in front of my very eye, this for me would be much more arousing, to see this dark haired beauty wearing nothing in person than I had first imagined in the tight confines of the airport toilet stall?. Along with a picture of me naked, and a big red official stamp of approval that I had been excepted! Each one of the next three documents were a continuing detailed list of my required duties and what I had to do of sex slavery, and my submission to black men! The last two pages five and six were of my signature and my legal name and last number six were signatures of my husbands signature in the Netherlands that had agreed reluctantly to my being co owned as his part time white married wife, and he a Cuckhold husband, that gave all of my rights over to my black master, Mr Tyrone Power! There it was in legal yellow parchment of me naked shackled collare

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