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#309015 - We had a good time, I enjoyed it as much as the kids and it was good to see Margaret relaxed for once, a few other parents had come to help so she didn’t have to do all the work, this would be reciprocated later. Friday came and I finished early so I could wash and get changed, I had Rachel’s new bike with me as I set off for her house, I meet a few of her friends heading that way and we walked together, Rachel was over the moon with her new bike and wanted to try it straight away, but she had to wait until after the party. To my surprise she just rolled onto her back and as she stretched said “Morning dad”, her tits were now free, I wasn’t surprised they held their shape and didn’t sag down like her mothers, she was at a guess about a 34c, “What are you doing while I’m in the interview”? “I don’t know, maybe just go for a walk” then without any hesitation or worry, Emily pushed the sheet back and got out of bed and went to the bathroom, seeing the sway of her hips as she walk

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Shion uzuki
They need to earn a living so not a bad thing
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Amazing handjob
She is hot