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#327743 - I peddle my bike as fast as I can and get home just in time to wash up before dinner, my father would be mad as hell if I was late, my mother asks where have I been I tell her I've been playing with Corey and how his mother had feed me lunch, I will have to thank her for looking after you the next time I see her my mother says to me. Part 5 That evening my mother made us a large dinner and I was sitting down at the table waiting for dinner to be served, right on time my father arrived, I got up from the kitchen table and welcomed him home my father gave me a cuddle and then cuddled my mother and kissed her on her cheek, during dinner he told us about his job and he asked us how we were and if we had any news for him. Yes show me, I kneel down and give his cock a kiss and look up at him I then take his cock into my mouth and begin sucking his cock as it becomes harder, I keep working my mouth and tongue on his cock, as he has his mother's panties held against his nose, he

Read Gemidos Shiro Ni Shizumu Omoi | 思想漸變慘白 Squirt Shiro Ni Shizumu Omoi | 思想漸變慘白

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