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#211796 - We are both waitresses working in the same restaurant and the owner had asked us both to clean up and make sure that all of the building was locked up, I set to work on one half of the restaurant whilst SHE set to work on the other, I could feel the anger bubbling away inside me as I watched her work her tables because I knew she had been phoning my boyfriend behind my back while flirting and smiling at me. We both pulled together at the same time a loud slap once more as our whole bodies collided but instead of pushing back I lowered my hands and grabbed her arse then started grinding my hips back and forth into her as I yanked on her arse in time with my grinding, I knew I was close and by the look of pleasure on her face she wasn’t far off herself, we kissed hard again our hips still grinding together simulating fucking then all of a sudden the look on her face changed and she broke the kiss and started moaning loud “OH GOD” she almost screamed “FUCK, FUCK, OH MY GOD” she con

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Sakura hagiwara
Girl you are crazy
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