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#409406 - As we laid there her still on top, her tiny erect nipples poking me in the chest and her wet hot cum filled pussy wrapped snuggly around my slightly soften dick, she purred, she actually purred I swear. Amy and Linda had finally come back down to earth from their mutual orgasms and were sitting there with Joanne watching us. I sat down and just looked at her as Joanne rolled off to the side, she was about Susie’s size, same hair only a little shorter, her tits were slightly smaller but still very nice, her nipples were two hard buttons sticking out waiting to be suckled, her waist was flat and firm, she had a small patch of jet black hair above her slit, lying there showing just a hint of her pink inner fold, my cock jumped to full attention and twitched with eagerness to get inside her virgin territory.

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I wanna fuck her tits
Hibiki tsukahara
Ok but that outfit is cute as fuck