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#354207 - “Lori, you are such a great fuck! I knew I’d enjoy you! I love fucking your ass! Let’s go slowly, ‘cause I want to plunge deep into your fabulous cunt and shoot you full of my cum. My other two mistresses, raven-haired southern belle Diane, and the ebony beauty Jill, looked on with admiration at my efforts- and with a little jealousy that Lorrie was being pleasured and not them. She locked her lovely green eyes onto my blue ones, then whispered in trembling emotion,”You…you do like me don’t you? Are you pleased with my body, Master? I’ve waited my entire life for a lover like you! Take me!” Wow! To have a gorgeous, sexually desirable woman begging me to use her body- given to me by my beautiful wife, no less- was beyond my wildest fantasies! “I love your body, Lorrie! You are the most beautiful redhead I have ever seen! I will make you mine, Baby!” I declared.

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Mizuki takase
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