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#153080 - While Angela was usually a little coy about her flashing, Jackie on the other had would be considered a slut! While they were sitting on a short brick fence eating their food, Jackie overtly exposed herself to at least three passing men, surprising one of them to the point that he accidentally ran into a tree while trying to keep his eyes on Jackie's hairy cunt! Just as they were finishing their drinks, Jackie said, The next person who walks by gets a good look, male or female! Angela started to say something, but Jackie hushed her up with, Shush, Ang, here comes one now! Angela looked over her shoulder just in time to see a fortyish woman approaching from behind her while the hot pussied Jackie was already getting the hem of her dress pulled up and her cunt pointing directly at the approaching target! Now facing the woman straight on, she smiled and said, Nice day huh, while spreading wide her smooth thighs. Each woman then put a finger inside the other's pussy and fi

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