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#393406 - As his stables was for stud horses, he said there was always plenty of horses for her to fucked by, they never did the dogs or horses with other people, then sadly she was killed in a car accident some years ago, so now he enjoyed helping others have the same kind of fun. Seeing as both girls were nearby, I got them together and let the guys have a piss session over them, both took it in both holes and drank some too, then a cleanup shower with the guys helping them. It was late when the girls took a rest, most guys had cum two or three times by now and quite a few limp cocks hung around, so after a drink for everyone, I told Joy to lay on the bench, then told the guys to do the same to her as I had been done, soon she was filled with piss in every hole and soaked too, but i told them to hold onto enough for Jan as well.

Read Lick 閃光 - Kimetsu no yaiba | demon slayer Glory Hole 閃光

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Natsuya kirishima
Now all i need is for someone to actually want me lol
Dorothea arnault
Would love to be fucked in a classroom