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#251126 - Moving in with Vicky was like old times when living at home, it wasn’t unusual for me to be walking around the flat in just a towel after showering or Vicky only in her knickers and bra, we had nothing to hide from each other as she had caught me wanking off many a time and l had seen her in a lot less than knickers and a bra. We took Vicky into the bedroom she lay on her back and in a seductive voice said “use me”, l knelt one side as Syd knelt the other, we each took a nipple into our mouths to suck and bite causing Vicky to begin squealing and wriggling, when l put my hand on Vicky’s pussy l found Syd’s fingers already wedged up inside her hole. Syd comes to visit every few months for a few nights of fun.

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Julius euclius
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Omfg same i died when i saw the doll over the bowl