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#196347 - “mmmm, Steve that was fucking amazing I’ve missed your cock inside of me honey” “Yeah I’ve missed being inside of your tight pussy, we have to do this more often” Exhausted I pulled out of her and let her cuddle me as we fell asleep cum leaking out of her pussy, the next day while watching TV Janice had the great idea of inviting Elizabeth and her husband over for dinner since it had been a long time since we had seen them, I of course immediately accepted so my wife made the arrangements for later tonight I had a busy day ahead of shopping for food and mentally preparing to not get a hard on as soon as I saw Elizabeth, on that front I failed miserably, it was ten o clock when they arrived at our house, my wife was looking hot in tight jeans and a blouse but when Elizabeth walked into the house my mouth dropped and my cock immediately lengthened along my leg , she was wearing tight black yoga pants that accentuated her ass and pussy so much that she might as well have been naked, sh

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