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#314869 - With Terry now parted from his wife and Nathan's parents being so ill, Nathan did not have much social life, especially a Gay life, When Terry was not working away they lived a man and spouse, these times made Nathan happy, but sometimes there were months before Terry was home, Nathan would visit woodlands and areas renowned for gay liaisons, and was always sexually satisfied, but he needed gay friends not just for sex, but just to be himself socially. Terry insisted Nathan wear knickers etc. Nathan asked me if I would let him suck my cock, he was horny and desperate for the taste of spunk, I say said of course but explained I was a bottom mostly, Nathan was 10 years older than me and mainly effeminate in his manner, I didn't think he was top, but when lust comes overcomes you to relieve that pent up emotion you'd probably change your sexual orientation from being a bitch (Fuckee) normally to being butch boy (fucker).

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