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#199060 - He came to me and ran his fingers through my hair then savagely pulled my head back with his free hand he pinched my breasts and pussy I responded to the pain it was like electric all over me you dirty little bitch he yelled I only take pleaser from you I never give it which just made me hotter he dragged me over to the cross and tied my hands and ankles to the rings as he moved over me I could feel the studs pressing into my back and ass he thought he wasn't giving me any pleasure but each scratch of his cold studs made my pussy drip more juice I could feel it run down my legs. I could not get all of him into my mouth at this angle so I untangled his fingers from my hair and with his dick still in my mouth I rolled over onto my back , my head was dangling over the edge of the desk I could see his face at this new angle I was great full for his small dick because I put my arms around his buttocks and pulled him into my mouth i could see the look of surprise as i slid all of hi

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Pyrrha alexandra
Ok some of these moaning are annoying
Hol up wait a minute somthin aint right
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Pulling out would be a tough decision