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#265855 - “Now I think Duke would be very upset if I crushed the life out of you and as he is a major sours of income to me so killing you is not my best interested. “Honey I am going to show Rave here the new hot tub could, would you go find Mr King and send him out to us” I fell into step with him as he lead me down his garden “Where you really talking about your soul Rave?” “More or less” “You really must see the hot tub, I don’t like the idea myself, too much like an outdoor bath but my wife swears by it, says that they are all the rage now.

Read Cuzinho DESERT x DESSERT - Fate grand order Dotado DESERT x DESSERT

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Battler ushiromiya
I dont give a fuck if this is just for a porno but please at least turn the stove on its gas not electric so there should be a fire or even turn the oven on there was no lights on 1 more thing make the dad scroll so ut looks like reading i would be impressed if it took you 2 minutes to read a short paragraph
Otoha umeki
Very hot