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#26323 - The tit massage made her forget about taking off her panties, but Rink didn't forget, and reached down and ripped them off her with one hard yank! Now both mother and daughter were totally naked and ready to do the bidding of this young dominating male! Rink put his hand between Joanne's legs and fingered her cunt while saying, Well, bitch, what we got here is one wet fuckin' pussy, now lay down beside Linda and spread 'em!!! Dutifully obeyed him, and lay down next her daughter, looking saddly into her eyes while Rink positioned himself between Joanne's legs, and guided his pecker head into her wet slit. All this time Linda was lying on the bed with a sheet pulled up over her, listening to the exchange between he mother and lover, and when Rink walked over to Mrs. Her mother was a line worker at the candy factory, and didn't get off work until 5:00pm, so this gave the two lovers plenty of time for their extra curricular activities! If Linda's m

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