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#193770 - I walk into our tiny upstairs apartment, toss my stuff in my room and lay on my bed staring at the ceiling, and my mind wonders to thinking about ms Milf and how I missed out on seeing her today, and decide 'whelp, I'm home alone nows a good chance to rub one out' I grab one of my dirty mags and could ya guess? yep it's about sexy milfs, head to the washroom, strip nude, place the mag on the edge of the bath tub, flip to a good page start running a scenario with miss milf through my head and go to town. I'm going to explain a few things here, why I stripped completely nude and started jerking it over the tub, when I have a perfectly good tissue box and a bedroom. My mother standing in that doorway, has been burned into my mind, I cant forget it even if I wanted to, especially the lighter areas on her body, her breasts I cant say what size they are it's not like I'll ever be able to ask, but they're about medium I guess? they hang down a bit

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Koyuki azumaya
Remember the times we had
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So fucking hot ahh it socks
Thank you
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Thanks doll