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#143850 - what the fuck did you do with the rest of the bags Jack Those were all the bags in the fucking car Cassie if you don't believe me go check for your fucking self I replied angrily Whats missing I will fucking look for it when I put everything away Don't bother you are a fucking idiot and wouldn't be able to find it anyway you asshole She stormed away as she said the last statement Anyway another couple of hours later after unloading everything my mom and dad finally emerged from their room freshly showered from their love making and my sister was already at my moms side, I assumed telling on me like the bitch she was, after a few minutes of hushed conversation my mom leans over to my dad and says honey we need to run to town Cassie forgot something Alright looks like supper is up to you Jack. Did you go through my stuff too? she asked angrily no I just opened the door and…….

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I appreciate you censoring your swear words on this website
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