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#142810 - Well then irubbes her legs with oil and her vagina. Well we reached the friends house and before getting down my mom took out her panties and put it on the car seat and we walked to the house there this old guy opened the foor and asked us to come in he then took us to a room and there was 4 old man on the chair and my mom then clossed the doar and then she stood in front of the men and i just stood in the corner there the old man then asked my mom to face the wall and put her hands up then after that the old man then looked at me and said 'im giving u the honour to undress your mom start undressing her slowly' well i then went to my mom her ass was facing the men and her hands all up and i stood beside her and slowly unzipped her tube i did it from the side sooo the men could see her body wow after unzipping her tube i could see her back nude from the waist up and it was soooo sexy and horny. well it all happened one day my mom called me out and today was strange cau

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