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#357223 - I wondered if she kept a record of all the erections she has raised and all the drools she seen, bet it be one hell of a list. “Oh Bill that was so so good, and just think our child, growing inside me as we speak, I’m so happy” “Yes it’s a strong possibility, but remember we’re not sure, lets wait until tomorrow before we celebrate ok love” She looked at the clock and jumped up grabbing her clothes “Damn I’m gonna be late for class” And with that she dressed, kissed me and ran out the door as she turned the corner I heard her “Bye Daddy fuck you later” I laid there for a time smiling to myself ‘ I’m gonna be a Dad well maybe don’t get your hopes up yet; she just could have an upset tummy or something. Again she moaned “awwwww oooooofoo Bill baby I’m I’m cummmmmmmmmin” She exploded, her tight little body twitched and jerked under me and she again moaned or maybe groan I not sure, but it was a fanatic sound, one that shot straight thru me warming my whole being and I came

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Legend has it she still has never gone to school
True but hanging very sexy
I love watching you take 3 at once