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#177135 - Fuck, You've got a straight! she exclaimed Wheww, i sighed Though i was in trouble 4 a moment Immediately she got up and smiled and seductively whispered Okay, a deal's a deal, Your in control what can i do for you first? Stick some music on, i replied Strip dance for me. I, being a gentleman of sorts, attempted to aid her as best i could and twenty minutes later asked her if she was home safely yet to which the response was no however she wasn't far from town and knowing she had yet aother 20 minutes walk ahead offered my company (and protection) on this cold, dark night. She began rolling her tongue over my tip licking the slit at the top ad occasionally stopping teasig me to full effect and using a hard hands on approach brought me to man amazing climax but instead of pulling away pulled in and took my hot load in her mouth and gulped down every last drop she could.

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Just great anybody knows her name