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#156997 - Willie: God Damn Little Bitch has no panties on now and I just saw her wet little pussy I have to get a taste and more of her soon, The sky gets darker as thunderclouds roll in and it starts to rain heavily and Willie's Wipers are starting to struggle to clear the water from the windscreen. Willie watches Lisa go behind the bushes. Willie sees that Lisa hasn't put her panties back on and she stands up her dress falls covering her naked ass, Lisa heads back around the bushes and goes back to the truck, Willie looks away as she comes around the bushes he doesn't want her to know he saw her peeing, as Lisa climbs into the truck the wind blows and lifts her dress up so that Willie can see the tiny little slit of her pussy and he moans.

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That turns me on
She sounds like me when i step on a fucking lego
Yasuna kamiizumi
Marry me lol