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#211508 - Sometimes it was only a night away but mostly two, we learnt a lot about each other over time. Oxford was just the start, for the next few years about six times a year I was with either one or both the brothers heading of to some trade fair for a working weekend. That was the first time anyone had seen me pee since I was a little girl, Dave took full advantage I was stood legs wide over the pan blushing like a school girl as pee started to jet from my pee hole he had three fingers worked up my twat I was so excited I was starting to cum again piss went everywhere, I knew it was filthy but I watched him lick his fingers clean, before he dipped them in once more and fed them to me.

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Taichi yaegashi
Slender body
Sentouki - raye
Where d you get your bra cause it s cute af