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#81128 - He licked up from her ass crack to her clit opening her up more and more as he went, finally she opened up and his tongue pushed into her, she came instantly, filling his mouth with her juices. He lay still for a while then rolled beside her, “Well sis do I come up to standard”? “What do you think” she slipped down the bed and started sucking his limp cock, “Hold on sis, I’m not to be use like a sex thing” “Why not, now I’ve had a taste of you, you don’t think I’ll stop now, and besides, I need to see if you can manage Shelley and me together” he had forgotten about Shelley, but she didn’t matter right now, his sister was giving him a great blow job. She knocked on his bed room door, he called her in, as she pushed the door open her heart was pounding in her chest and she had butterflies going crazy in her stomach, with out turning from his computer he asked “What you want sis” “How did you know it was me”? Who else would it be, mom and dad are at work until six, so what do yo

Read Indo [Hino Toshiyuki] Joshi Ana Shiho -Hitozuma Caster Koujoku Chigoku- Ch. 1-3 [English] Gay Cut Joshi Ana ShihoCh. 1-3

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