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#251987 - ” He looked me dead in the eyes and I saw a flare of anger I hadn’t seen in him before; “you honestly think that I’m going to throw you out in the street? I mean sure working to pull your weight is one thing but saying you’re homeless while I’m here is a big no no. He unlike myself was smart enough to not down himself on my dick, he took it slowly, getting on top of me and slowly lowering his ass hole onto my dick, moaning louder and louder with each inch, when he bottomed out, he sat there for a while adjusting to my massive size; then he slowly raised himself up and took all of it back in one go, I was in heaven as he kept bouncing on my dick, his ass clenching every time I bottomed out, he kept on moaning through it all.

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Ryoken kogami
What happened to her mouth these models need to stop getting boob jobs and mouth surgery duhh
Yomi sakashita
That s what you call a pawg