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#264120 - I had to ask, “Will your mother be expecting this back?” Candy answered, “No! Not at all! She bought it special for this occasion!” Again I just had to ask, “So she is in on this too?” Candy said, “Of course she is! Why do you think she let me invite my friends and then go out drinking leaving you here with us?” I didn’t have an answer! I certainly did not expect what happened next either. I thought that the cock rider was Candy but I wasn’t really sure until after I filled her with cum. I watched as my daughter shoved that thing into her pussy as far as it would go then bend it in half and stuck it in her asshole while I watched her.

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Kouta hirano
Hell yeah
Anri misugi
Hang about this girl thinks he s crazy for trying to bone when mom is blacked out on the bed yet is fine being railed while her mom is very much awake and on the phone