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#273824 - The need for pleasure was mixed in with something else, something changing his thoughts, helping everything to make sense, even the changes were starting to make sense to him now, the new feelings coursing through him feeling less invasive and more natural He whimpered some, squeezing his thick nipples, it had to be this way, he started to realize, beginning to wonder, why he hadn’t seen it before. “W-what's happening to me?” he asked the air, his voice coming out lighter than usual, a trick, he suspected, of the caves. His mouth and throat made lewd, viscous gagging noises as he struggled for air, his wide eyes starting to close as his eyes rolled back, air becoming a luxury the beast wasn’t affording him as it pounded his throat, repurposing it, his plush swollen lips, spongy wet tongue and tight throat becoming nothing but tools for its pleasure.

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