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#375502 - It’s a sunny Sunday , ramegowda is on front of the house rathode washing his car vijaya is in kitchen doing some work , all of sudden the phone started to ring , ramegowda took the call on other side rangamma is there Ramegowda- how are you maa Rangamma- fine son , can u please hand over the phone to my daughter Ramegowda- sure maa Ramegowda calls vijaya and hand over the phone to her, vijaya is happy that she get a call from her mother Vijaya-what is it mom Rangamma-nothing vijaya I just called you to know how my grandson looking after you Vijaya- hoo mom it’s this the question to ask, he is here only he can hear us Rangamma- he is not going to hear us how is life going Vijaya-fine mom and your grandson taking very good care of me Rangamma-in where ( giggling) Vijaya- mom you not gonna stop teasing us , u wanna hear it write, ok he takes me very good care in my bed Rangamma-ok let’s come to matter, your husband is not going to see your daughter on this month write Vijaya-

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