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#169200 - ” without waiting for a response and, eliciting another shocked gasp from the girl, easily flipped her, Louise’s cock twisting again like a screw in her hot and lubed hole. Louise smirked and nodded, “Sure, but I’m flipping her back over so I can watch her ass. “W-wow… That was hot…” Willow giggled a little as they both recovered, Brenda laying exhausted between them, “Do you keep her here overnight?” Louise let out a soft little laugh, hotdogging her thick, softening cock between the panting girl's ass cheeks slowly as Brenda dutifully and without being noticed, swallowed the cum Willow had given her, “ Yeah I usually do… But with you here I should probably send her home…” Willow nodded a little bit then bit her lip, “I mean, we could do that… Or, we could invite her mom over?” she asked, grinning.

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