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#289421 - so I asked him if he would like to fuck you ? He was floored for a second could not believe I said that but then I said that there are rules first off we have a fantasy of me tying her to the bed and bringing a stranger to fuck her but she will not know who it is or what he looks like ,he was intrigued ,I went on that it has to be at a time when we have the house to ourselves my daughter and granddaughter live with us now so we do not have the freedom we use to and he could not say anything . She was so wet that she slid down on his fat cock with ease he has tweaking her nipples and rubbing her all over both were moaning and groaning and soon came. Then he dressed and left the way he came in.

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Hakase shinonome
I love making guys happy and let them fack me anal but i never want a gape like that damn
Isuzu sento
Good girl