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#135921 - Or was it because of the hot bath? The dying rays of the setting sun were filtering through the open windows, together with a gentle, warm vernal breeze, lighting her full, firm breasts. The knight closed his eyes in contemplation of the holiness of the deed he had just performed. The girls could smell the scent of the dawn of spring coming from outside: She could feel blossoming flowers pollinated into fruits as she caressed her breasts, arching her back forward, spreading her legs wide, tense; She could feel fruitful fields softened by dew, plowed and sowed by the strong oxen, as her gentle fingers traced her body down to her glistening sex; She could feel a rutting stallion mounting his mare in heat… the same heat she felt spreading between her smooth thighs, as she fondled her damp clitoris, whimpering, desperate to cling to a real man, aching to fulfill the call of nature.

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Wish that was my cock you were riding