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#387865 - It was a sad end to the relationship but I had grown in confidence with women and knew that there was nothing wrong with the mingewrecker, now that I knew how to use. I was lucky (or unlucky)enough to be born with a generous endowment, from a early age my mother used to tell me and many of her friends that I was going to be popular with the girls when I grew up, her friends used to smile and tell me that I was a lucky boy I was, but I never had a clue what they were talking about, then when I hit purity my cock really started to expand both in girth and length, this caused me huge embarrassment especially during P. And so it was that I knocked at her door at 7pm the following Monday to find out my fate, Mrs Edwards invited me into her lounge then sat back into her sofa but as she did not invite me to sit I continued to stand “well” she said “I’ve given it a lot of thought and It’s up to you how we take care of this awful business” I replied that I would do anything to put things ri

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