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#19170 - AlmaDelia's sex life by the time my daughter Alma Delia was nine years old she was been molested by three men,including me,but let me back up a little,I started touching her when she was around six,sliding my fingers up and down her pussy slit,she was too small to suck me off but she did her best,and every time I make her swallow my cum,my wife started to suspect something was up when Almadelia begun complaining that her little pussy was sore,my wife check her out and found our daughter's pussy red and swollen,I had just spend most of that day sucking and licking my daughter's little pussy,as a precaution my wife took Alma to see a doctor and the doctor told her our daughter might be been abused,she didnt said anything because her brother,Alma's uncle was also molesting my daughter,my wife knew about her brother fingering my daughter,but thanks to my luck,she didnt knew about me and Alma then one day my wife and I got in to an argument that led to our

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Mai shibamura
Absolutely no one wants to jerk off to this fat ugly blob anyone who does either has a problem with their vision or has a really gross fetish please please stop posting hentais of this hideous thing
Kisara nanjou