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#323202 - He also asked me what my favorite 2 colors were and I said white and lime green. The next week I met back up with Justin and he drove up in an all white Ferrari just the way I dreamed of it got out and tossed me the keys he was followed by a black suburban that he could leave in I said for me? And he yelled HELL YEAH! And I ran up to him and hugged him and whispered I love you to him so my mom couldn’t hear it and he said I love you too babe. When Justin talked to me on the phone he asked if I was still near my mom and I said no and he started apologizing how he did that to me the other night and that he was gay and didn’t have to play guitar with him but I interrupted him and said I loved it and that I loved him and I wanted him to come out of the closet to the world like me and I would help him with and I wanted to go out with him and he was speechless for a moment and then he said really? You would do that for me and I said I’ll do anything for you

Read Rimming (週6)兼職奶媽 1-36 中文翻譯 (更新中) Black Gay (週6)兼職奶媽 1-36 中文翻譯 (更新中)

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Nene amano
Je veux bien
Kyon no imouto
What is the name of the girl
Kensuke aida
Right that was fkn hot
Risky boots
This real sexual tension
Kakashi hatake
The cheeks