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#344349 - How did it feel when you were done, pressed Jill? It felt naked and cool, answered Claire, but real sexy, ya know, and Frank just loved it!!! By now all three girls were getting a little tipsy, and their jokes were getting even more vulgar, and even if they weren't that funny, they were met with regales of laughter. After hopping in, she lay back and let the water cover her body while both Jill and Vera looked on with wide eyed fascination! When her pussy was covered with water, Claire turned off the tap and picked up the soap and said, Now Jill, I'm only gonna show you this once, so pay attention, as she lathered up her pubic hair. After rinsing it off, she asked softly, Well girls, how does it look?!? Both Jill and Vera thought it looked fabulous, and Jill, unable to take her eyes off the naked pubis, suddenly announced, I'm doin' it too!!! When, asked an incredulous Vera? Right now, Jill shot back!!! Rinse out the tub, I'm gettin'

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