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#88800 - Nice and wet he was controlling how much he was putting in because he would feel my gag reflex but what he did next I was not expecting he shoved as much as he could down my throat I was holding his thighs and I griped as hard as I could it must had been 8 inchs down my throat i felt my eyes water and I couldn't breath he pulled out and said that's a good cocksucker and slapped me across the face I felt so dirty but it was amazing knowing how much I just took I sucked me some more and we then stopped and made our way to the bedroom after drying off once in the bed room it was game on for him he came in behind me and slapped my ass and said get in the bed and hang your head off I said yes an got into position he came over me and said open up I did and he started goon slowly into my mouth in and out I was drooling all over his cock it was getting hard now and alot wider then he worked me like a cocksuckinf whore and as now brutally face raping me not holding anything back shovi

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