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#84230 - Just as Jack finished up with forecast, and the camera again was trained on Blair, incredibly, she felt hands under the desk gently pushing her legs apart!!! Momentarily stunned, Blair tripped over her next line, which caused just about everyone in the news room to turn and look, because it was so rare for Blair to m?ake any kind of mistake at all! Quickly covering her tracks, Blair again moved easily through the next story, but much to her consternation, the hands beneath the desk grew more insistent, as they moved farther and farther up her inner thighs, until they were resting directly against her pussy!!! Sweet jesus, she thought to herself, who could be doing this to me, it is so utterly brazen!!! Reporting now like an robot, Blair squirmed uncomfortably as the fingers pulled the elastic away from her leg hole, and found their way right to her lips! On television in front of thousands of people, and she was being masturbated like there was no problem at all!!! Not only was Bla

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