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#401676 - Jennifer, again her balance affected by having her wrists locked together behind her back, got unsteadily to her feet, and bent down and draped herself on Master Scott's lap! The fir time she had tried this, she had just flopped down uncontrollably - meaning that she needed training in wearing big girl's shoes! Which was why after that, Master Scott would lock her feet into four inch high heels, in a pair of shoes with small padlocks! Then he had given her a pair, which she wore around the house, and sometimes even outside! Women would sometimes come up to her and ask where she had got them, and they would express wonder when she said that her boyfriend had bought them for her! “I see that you haven't totally lost all of the lessons in control that I taught you, so your return to being my submissive should be quite pleasurable indeed!” “Yes, Master!” Jennifer agreed. She sucked and slurped, enjoying the salty tang of pre-come in her mouth! Scott pumped his r

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