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#307473 - As her mother was sucking her father, Chelsea looked away, not wanting to see her parents being degraded. Chelsea, sensing her mother's need, licked and nibbled on her erect clitoris harder! Faye's guttural moaning gave away an shred of decency as she needed to cum badly, and now didn't care who was watching her! Vic kept the camera rolling, and encouraged the two women on, while Howard was silently watching his daughter orally satisfy her mother and his wife, and ashamedly he had to admit it was exciting, and his own erection gave him away! Seeing this, Vic said, Get behind the little cunt and fuck her from the rear! Now almost on automatic pilot, Howard dropped to his knees behind his daughter's cute little ass. Hey kid, what's your name, asked Vic? Chelsea, she answered back in a soft voice.

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