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#48051 - My heart drops like a stone as I board the bus and climb the stairs, he is not here again! I walk to the back of the bus in a sulk until my seat comes in view and there he sits in my spot, my eyes widen when they are drawn to his cock in his hand. Both sets of fingers pull my pussy lips apart, dipping into my pool of juice, sliding their wet fingers up and down my folds, each taking turns to circle my clit before returning to gather more from the entrance to my cunt. I cry out, it’s almost too much, as my climax hits me like a tidal wave, oh fuck, fuck and fuckety fuck, the sensations wash over me, my cunt grips his cock milking him tightly, I feel his cock swell stretching my walls, his fucking slows as I feel his cum shoot up into me, scalding my insides with his baby batter.

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Junko inuyama
Delicious i want something like that who would help me
Moca aoba
You can do my ass anytime
Rem ayanokouji
Does anyone know the name of the actress
Seira otoshiro
Harry hines