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#4910 - I was very excited seeing her pussy and that made me blush; it also gave me a little thrill in my stomach. So I called my friend Joe to see If he could hang out with me for a while and he said sorry cant tonight, well sis I ended up In her room playing dolls and house, when suggested we play doctor and patient, she said I’ll be the patient and you got to be the doctor, I have done this before with my big sister and her friend allot they were the doctors and I was the guinea pig toy as I put it, so I told her to lay down on her back and I would check her vitals so first I listened to her heart and made her cough and even acted like I was looking in her ears, she just loved all this and I was having fun too, as I was checking her for any and every ailment known to man, she decided she would get undressed so I can check everything as she would say, wow she was small compared to mom she had no tits and no hair on her pussy, well I started felling and pushing on her belly and she said

Read High Tsumetaku Amai Kuchibiru - Sweet Cold Lips Nurse Tsumetaku Amai Kuchibiru - Sweet Cold Lips

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