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#93685 - When we got dressed and talked, he said he came to our state every other week or so, and would be keen to meet us both and maybe, bring along a friend who would also enjoy the fun, Ginger said that's ok, but would be same price for him too, he said ok and pulled out some money giving Ginger $500 saying it was worth every dollar, and more, We kissed him good bye, saying how much we looked forward to our next meet, he asked if we minded getting a bit kinkier next time, we smiled at one another and said sure, maybe we can arrange some thing, new, or you can come up with some kinky ideas,. He sat talking with us for awhile, as we cleaned up a bit, then I went down sucking his cock again, wanting it to get hard, it didn't take long, with Ginger working on him to, he began to look at who to fuck, I laid down and told Ginger to straddle me, so he could fuck her doggy like me and I could lick his cock for him, his eyes told me that was a good idea, as we began fucking once mo

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