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#178502 - I slipped my hand slowly over her breast, so lightly barely touching; she arched her back and moaned softly, I hesitated. Slipping our hands all over your body, you moved between our fingers, her lips found yours as my hand drifted lightly over your balls and hard cock, I gripped it as she slipped her tongue into your mouth, her hips rubbing frustratingly against your right leg as I slipped my mouth down your left side, biting as I went, getting close to your hardening cock, moaning as I imagine you slipping into my mouth. I pulled her close, pressing harder with my hand; she reached out for me, moving her hand down my body scratching as she went, growling under her breath, my turn to feel out of control.

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Chloe lemaire
I luv what she does with her tongue
Linna yamazaki
Damn i need a buff chick like you so sexy thin and strong god it turns me on just thinking about it